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Which are the best treatment options for constipation in a Two-Month-Old Baby?




Dear Elene,

A baby who receives only formula milk will typically have fewer bowel movements than a breastfed child. Their stools will be thicker and have a different, more greenish color.

The best treatment options are:

Massage your baby's tummy.

Start at the belly button and then massage outwards in circles in a clockwise direction. Some oil or cream on your fingers can also help. Only continue if your baby enjoys the massage and is comfortable and relaxed.

Move your baby's legs in a cycling motion.

Place your baby so he or she is lying on their back. Hold their legs and turn them gently in a quick cycling motion. This will make the stomach muscles move and, in turn, put gentle pressure on the intestines to make them move.

Give your baby a bath.

A warm bath can make your baby relax so the stools are passed more easily. Once your baby has relaxed in the bath, you can also massage their stomach (see above). When you wash your baby's bottom, apply some cream or petroleum jelly (Vaseline) around the outside of the anus.

Check you are making formula correctly.

If your baby is on formula milk, you should follow the instructions on the package carefully.
If you make the mixture too thick by putting in more than the recommended amount of powder can lead to constipation and other medical problems.
There are different brands of formula milk on the market, and they are basically of equal quality.
It's best to stick to the same brand, because different formulas may require different dilutions.

Give cooled, boiled water.

You can give your baby extra fluids with bottles of cooled, boiled water.

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