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There are a lot of drugs on offer to help breathing with emphysema.

How can you tell the difference between oxygen therapy and emphotin.

Thank you



Dear Ray,

Emphotin is mix of the following homeopathic herbs and minerals:

Agnus castus
Ambra grisea

Oxygen therapy is the administration of oxygen as a therapeutic modality. Oxygen therapy benefits the patient by increasing the supply of oxygen to the lungs and thereby increasing the availability of oxygen to the body tissues.

Appropriate levels of oxygen are vital to support cell respiration.
Administration of high levels of oxygen in patients with severe emphysema and high blood carbon dioxide reduces respiratory drive, which can precipitate respiratory failure and death.

Supplemental oxygen can benefit the patient whose lung function is severely impaired and cannot absorb enough oxygen from the air. Long-term oxygen therapy prolongs life in patients , who have low blood oxygen levels (hypoxemia).

This therapy reduces the excess red blood cells, which helps improve mental functioning and heart failure. It may also improve shortness of breath during exercise.

Oxygen is an element, a gas, and a drug that can help people who have certain lung diseases.

The cells in the body get their energy from the interaction of oxygen with food. The energy produced is used to do everything from breathing, to carrying out bodily functions.

Some lung diseases, such as emphysema , reduce lung function to the extent that supplemental oxygen is needed to continue normal bodily function. For many people with lung disease, supplemental oxygen allows their bodies to get the oxygen that they need and may also help them be more active.

People, in whom oxygen levels in the blood are consistently low, may require oxygen therapy on a daily basis. In these people, oxygen use improves survival. The more hours a day the oxygen is used, the better the result.

Survival is better when 12 hours of oxygen are used than when no oxygen is used. Survival is even better when oxygen is used continuously (24 hours per day). Long-term oxygen use decreases shortness of breath and reduces the strain on the heart that lung disease causes. Both sleep and the ability to exercise tend to improve.

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