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Question: : My 6 year old daughter gets cracked itchy and bleeding on the bottom of her feet every summer. I have tried every kind of lotion and creams. Is this a sort of medical condition? Do you have any advice or ideas as to what to do about this or what it is?Sarah

Answer: Dear Sarah,

It is a seasonal fungal infection

You should wash her feet with a smooth soap and water at least once a day or more often.

Then rise the feet and dry them

You should wash any thing that makes contact with their skin (covers, socks, fit interior, etc.) with a smooth soap and water and dry them.

You should use lotions that do not contain alcohol because they dry out and they crack the skin, therefore increasing the risk of infection .

Do not use too much hydrating creams; use it only to prevent the dryness in the skin.

It is also recommended to keep a balanced diet, to drink plenty of water in order to maintain a smooth and healthy foot

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