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Question (07/17/2012):

Title: Benefits of using patient's own tissue over porcine tissue a for repairing pelvic organ prolapsed.

What are the benefits of using porcine tissue over a patient's own tissue for repairing pelvic organ prolapsed?

Could a grade 2 Cystocele and Rectocele prolapse and grade 1-2 uterine prolapse cause a mildly crampy feeling, some gas and constipation?



Dear Amy,

Clear advantages to using the patient's own tissue are decreased risk of erosion, rejection and infection.

Allograft (donor tissue from a cadaver) is not as strong as a patient's own tissue (autograft).

Porcine tissue offer potential advantages over allografts (donor tissue from a cadaver) in that they are more readily available and there is no theoretical risk of human viral transmission.

Porcine tissue is processed to remove cellular components, leaving only collagen and elastin fibers that do not elicit an immune response.

Gas and constipation are symptoms directly related to rectocele.

Cramps are cystocele and uterine prolapse symptoms.

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