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Question (07/10/2012):

Title: Platelet count for mice and papaya leaves to test it in animals.

What is the normal platelet count of the animals like mice?

And how do I prepare papaya leaves to test it in animals?



Dear April,

Platelet count normal results in humans:

150,000 - 400,000 platelets per microliter (mcL).

Normal human platelet counts are only one-fourth a normal mouse count.

One of the more obvious differences to human hemostasis is the fact that mouse blood contains a much higher circulating platelet count.

Mice have normally higher platelet counts compared to humans.

Unusually low platelet counts were report for control, untreated mice in two recent publications in Blood.

Our experience and that of others with platelet counts in blood from mice of several strains and different ages is that average value for groups of normal mice are almost invariably greater than 1,000,000 platelet per microliter (mcL) of blood

Following up a popular use of crude leaf preparations from Carica papaya for the treatment of dengue infections, a suspension of powdered Carica papaya leaves in palm oil was investigated for its effect on thrombocyte counts in mice, administering by gavage 15 mg of powdered leaves per kg body weight to 5 mice.

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