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Question (07/11/2011):

Title: Pregnant exposed to thallium stress test patient.

I visited my uncle 12 hours after his thallium cardiac stress test.

I hugged him and spent two hours talking to him I even used his cell phone.

I was three meters away.

I'm 6 weeks pregnant and didn't know about his thallium stress test till I was about to leave.

Please help how could this affect my fetus?



Dear Nagham,

In the thallium cardiac stress test the blood that flows through the heart generally is checked injecting a small amount of thallium-201 into a vein and obtaining images during the stress test (maximal heart rate).

The amount of thallium-201 absorbed by the cells of the heart muscle depends on the circulation.

The entire test can take about 4 hours and the thallium is excreted rapidly by the kidneys

Thallium-201 chloride can cause fetal harm when administered to pregnant women and can affect reproduction capacity.

However, Thallium-201 chloride is administered to a pregnant woman when the benefits clearly outweigh any potential risk.

Usually the small amount of the radioactive substance injected in the thallium cardiac stress test is harmless.

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