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Question (07/09/2011):

Title: Hypertension 10 months after delivery | Postpartum Treatment of Preeclampsia.

Thank you so much for all the answers you gave me.

Do you have any drug that can lower down my acid reflux?

I have been taking omeprazole.

And about hypertension can it go away as the doctors say?

I'm 25 years, I have been taking Methyldopa since I gave birth and the baby is now 10 months.



Dear Leona,

Ranitidine , cisapride, sucralfate and pantoprazole are alternatives to omeprazole.

Labetalol is an alternative to methyldopa.

Preeclampsia is medical complication of pregnancy associated with pregnancy induced hypertension.

Postpartum Treatment of Preeclampsia

In the postpartum period, clinicians should remain alert for maternal complications.

They must control fluid balance, since most cases of edema occur in the post-partum .

There is no need for systematic blood test at this stage, unless there are changes before delivery or during delivery, in which case they must be controlled until they return to normal.

Doctors should monitor the development of headache disorders, vision, nausea, vomiting and epigastric pain,
since it shows the relationship of these symptoms with HELLP syndrome and eclampsia in such a high percentage as 30% in the post-partum Preeclampsia

Antihypertensive medication and intravenous anticonvulsants for preeclampsia severe usually are discontinued 40 hours after delivery.

However, some women who have been discharged from hospital require antihypertensive medication at least 14 days after delivery.

If blood pressure and proteinuria did not return to the normal values at three months postpartum, it should be suspected an underlying primary disorder.

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