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I have pain two years after root canal treatment was done.



Dear Alice ,

The tooth has become re-infected, and the other possibility is that there is a root fracture.

The filling/crown in the tooth could be affecting the way your teeth come together.

We would ask your dentist to refer you to a good root canal specialist an endodontist -a dentist who specializes in matters concerning the inside of the tooth- for further evaluation.

You need to find a very good endodontist.

It is possible to have root canal therapy on the same tooth more than once.

This is known as a retreatment. A retreatment is needed if the first root canal treatment did not work. This is unusual; more than 90% of root canals are successful.

Many people don't realize that there may be 3 - 4 canals in a tooth and sometimes the dentist may miss the extra canals.

The x rays can show that the total root had not been removed.

The prognosis for successful treatment is around 90%. That means that about 10% of the patients will experience either pain or other problems after the treatment. This is due to the very resistant bacteria living in the environment around the apex of the tooth - these are sometimes resistant to treatment.

Sometimes when a root canal is done the infection doesn't clear up as it should or you may have had auxiliary canals that didn't get cleaned out when the root canal was done and festered over the years.

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