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Thank you for explaining about the pain in my breasts.

I have been having a problem with sweating for the past few months.

It is mostly on my head and face and i am not sure why but it is embarrassing.

Is it my immune system fighting from the Lupus or what could be causing it?

I am very uncomfortable and it happens at different times.

There is no fever just water running down my face and neck.

Please help.



Dear Lee,

One in ten patients with lupus suffers with another problem of autoimmunity.

This is where the body attacks the thyroid gland that controls the body's metabolism.

The thyroid gland can either become underactive or overactive. If the gland is overactive, it can cause sweating, anxiety, shaking, heart pounding and weight loss, if underactive the skin becomes dry, weight gain is a problem and you can slow down mentally.

Sometimes the thyroid gland (which is found at the front of the neck) can become swollen.

A thyroid problem is easily detected with a simple blood test. It is also quite easily treated.

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