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I have systemic lupus, antiphosfolipid antibody syndrome and fibromyalgia.

I had a hysterectomy 6 years ago and have they removed one ovary.

I am experiencing a sharp pain, aching pain in my left breast.

I have had it before but it went away nut I got the pain yesterday afternoon and it lasted throughput the night as well.

My breasts do feel a bit swollen and my muscles around breast are tight and this is the time I would be menstruating.

I am a little bit concerned about the pain but don't really want to go to the doctor for nothing.

I have so many other problems that i don't want to make something from nothing.

I would appreciate it if you could give me a bit of advice and help.



Dear Lee,

Breast pain is a possible symptom and sign of fibromyalgia.

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is one of the most serious autoimmune diseases. Unlike other autoimmune conditions, SLE attacks a wide variety of tissues

Breast pain occurs in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.

Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome or APS another autoimmune disorder and it may occur in people with systemic lupus erythematosus,

Some individuals may have elevated antiphospholipid antibodies but have no clinical manifestations of the syndrome.

If you test positive for APS Antibodies you should be aware of the symptoms caused by blood clots.

These two symptoms could indicate clots in other locations:

#1 -Extreme pain without a cause, anywhere in the body

#2 -Shortness of breath or chest pain (under the breast bone or on one side of the chest) may radiate outward from the chest. (This could indicate a clot in the lungs or a heart attack.)

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