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I have been feeling really sick for the last couple of days, bronchial flu, tight chest blocked nose, nauseous, exhausted chest pains and diarrhea.

I went to a clinic and they took my blood pressure 170/124 my pulse 106, they were so focused on the high BP, saying I was a code 3 stroke danger???



Dear Ursula,

Mini strokes, also known as transient ischemic attacks or TIAs, may seem minor because they are over within minutes, but they are dangerous to ignore. In fact, 10 percent of people in whom mini strokes occur will suffer a major stroke within the next three months.

Code Stroke systems are widely used to expedite emergency treatment of patients with stroke.

What is a code stroke?

The code stroke provides a frame work for the expedited evaluation and aggressive management of the acute strong patient.

The stroke team use code stroke protocols to initiate therapy and begin treatment of the acute stroke patient immediately on presentation.

The code stroke is initiated after a potential stroke has been identified.

In the US the "code stroke team" meets patient at the door of ED, alerted by EMS.

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