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7 months ago I had my beautiful baby unfortunately there was some problems which led to me having to have a c-section.

What I really want to know is... I seem to be really numb around the scar and my stomach, which I thought was normal until it started to spread, I am now numb quarter of the way down my legs! And it has also spread up my stomach to just under my boobs is this normal or do I have some sort of damage?

Can some help me by answering!




Dear Rosie,

Cesarean section birth is major abdominal surgery as they cut 6 layers.

Surgery injures the body, and cesarean incisions do cut through nerves as they open up the abdomen in order to get the baby out. While most women have numbness only a short while after surgery, some never get back full sensation in that area.

There isn't anything that anyone can do to improve the process of nerve regeneration across a scar, either at the time of surgery or during the healing process.

Nerves were cut during surgery and while many regenerate some never do.

A c-section is major surgery, so it takes the stomach muscles a very long time to recover.

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