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I am suffering acute pain for last five months in the sacroiliac joint.

The first diagnosis was sciatica but a second one showed up sacroiliitis?.

It is a very painful situation. I would like to know if there is any natural remedy or alternative to drugs (I am already taking NSAIDs).




Dear Pat,

The diagnosis of sacroiliitis can be difficult, but the treatment is always the same - namely anti-inflammatories and exercises.

Physical therapy exercises and rest are crucial to maintaining joint mobility and recovering fully.

The investigation of choice after those already done is an MR scan of the SI joints.

A cocktail of 'alternative' remedies, including glucosamine sulfate with chondroitin MSM, and omega oils is a standard natural remedy without scientific evidence.

A well-balanced, powerful formulation of essential minerals, fatty acids and type II collagen is also another alternative but not scientifically proved.

This 'alternative' remedies mentioned, are supposed to help with joint problems, notably normal wear and tear.

They all take some time to work and may be more effective if used prophilactically.

The cause of your sacroiliitis is another issue to keep in mind in order to know how effective can be a natural remedy.

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