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My physician told me I have thyroid problem, Hyperthyroidism.
I would like to know the symptoms because I feel OK.



Dear Laura,

Hyperthyroidism symptoms may include:

Weight loss or gain.

Unexplained weight loss despite increased appetite.

Weight loss with increase in appetite.

Increase in appetite.

Lose weight even though you are eating normally or more than usual.

Rapid heartbeat, irregular heartbeat or pounding of the heart.

Palpitations and tachycardia.

Bounding pulse.

High blood pressure.

Tremors (fine trembling of the hands and fingers).

Have hand tremors, or have a fast or irregular heartbeat, or have trouble breathing even when you are resting.

Heat intolerance.

Increased sensitivity to heat, increased perspiration

Increased sweating

Sweat a lot, and have warm, red skin that may be itchy.

Itching - overall.


Nervousness, anxiety or irritability

Feel nervous, moody, weak, or tired.

Have fine, soft hair that is falling out.

Hair loss.


Fatigue, muscle weakness.

Have frequent and sometimes loose bowel movements.

An enlarged thyroid gland (goiter o goitre) - swelling at the base of the neck.

Thyroid enlargement causing a lump in the neck.

Pretibial myxdemia, which causes a thick redness on the front of legs and typically occurs with Graves' disease.

Thin, delicate skin and irregular fingernail and hair growth.

Skin blushing or flushing .

Clammy skin.

Irregular periods.

Menstrual disturbance, such as decreased flow.

Changes in menstrual patterns (usually lighter flow, less frequent periods).

Lack of menstruation.

Impaired fertility.

Mental disturbances.

Mental impairment, memory lapses, diminished attention span.

Sleep disturbances, including insomnia.

Difficulty sleeping .

Changes in vision.

-Photophobia, or light sensitivity

-Eye irritation with excess tears

-Diplopia, or double vision

-Exophthalmos, or forward protrusion of the eyeball

Breast development in men.

Nausea and vomiting.

Lower leg swelling.

Sudden paralysis.

Shortness of breath with exertion.


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