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What could the presence of hilar prominence found on xray indicate?

Symptoms of chronic cough, fatigue and joint pain?

Scheduled to have follow up ct scan next week.




Dear Davis,

Hilar prominence on the chest radiograph is usually due to vascular engorgement or lymphadenopathy.

Adenopathy or Lymphadenopathy is the abnormal enlargement of lymph nodes (usually associated with disease).

The evaluation of lymphadenopathy is a diagnostic challenge for the primary care physician because of the expansive differential diagnosis, including both benign and malignant conditions.

The most common causes of hilar prominence on chest x-ray films are vascular engorgement and adenopathy.

Lymphadenopathy can occur in any age group, in symptomatic or asymptomatic patients, and in a single site or at multiple sites.

Lymphadenopathy is associated with numerous disorders. An abnormal lymph node may be observed or palpated by the patient, found by a health care worker, or discovered through radiologic evaluation.

Lymphadenopathy may be a part of a complex case presentation, or the clinical cause may be straightforward.

Patients with potentially curable malignant disorders may have lymphadenopathy as the first sign of their disease.


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