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Question: I used to smoke 3-4 months ago. I decided to quit smoking.For the last few days I feel like smoking. Till now I had smoked very little (say about 12 full cigarettes). I am 18, should I quit it or have one occasionally? Harshit

Answer: Dear Harshit,

Cigarettes contain nicotine, a stimulant that is highly addictive. People that start and continue smoking for long periods of time have great difficulty quitting the habit.

The side effects of nicotine are counteless and can have very bad consequences for the human body. Examples are:

- Contributues to lung cancer and other types of cancer.
- Can cause heart attacks and strokes
- Reduces blood flow
- Affects the immune system
- Reduces bone density
- Causes irritation and inflammation of the digestive system
- Lowers sperm count
- Can cause impotence

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