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Question: I work in a nursing home. One year ago approximately a couple of residents developed a rash. We treated them for scabies but one year later every resident has this rash all over their body which is large dark red spots all over legs, belly, back, arms and severe dry patches all over. Very crusty dark red burning skin on some of them and the staff have developed rashes which ease off when we finish work while during work we can feel like we are being bitten and a red lump appears. Doctors don't know what it is. Patricia

Answer: Dear Patricia,

The common causes of skin rashes include:

- Infections: Bacteria, viruses and fungi are common causes of skin rashes.

- Infestations: Some skin rashes are caused by tiny parasites such as lice and mites. Irritants: Abrasion (clothes, diapers, etc.), heat or sun exposure, cosmetics, an overly dry environment.

- Allergies and Reactions: Insect bites or stings, plants like poison ivy, certain foods, chemical pollutants, medications, chemicals found in household cleaners - and many others.

- Systemic Illnesses: Skin rashes may be one of the symptoms of a primary disease like rheumatic fever, Lupus or Lyme disease.

Common treatments for skin rashes include using mild soaps and water to clean affected areas, avoid scrubbing, keeping skin moisturized, taking antibiotics of the cause is a bacteria and in order not to spread the rash to more people it may necessary for patients to be isolated.

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