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How I know when I have stress?

Is there any way to measure the stress?



Dear Ryan,

You have to recognize the symptoms of the stress.

Symptoms like increased irritability, muscular tension, heightened sensitivity to criticism, inability to concentrate, headaches, muscle pain, worrying about the future, feeling anxious, losing your appetite, increased heart beat or sleeping problems (nightmares, insomnia) give you an indication of stress.

Then you have to check your inner emotions (distraction), person's outward appearance (anxious or nervous) and physical effects (fatigue).

The feeling of being overwhelmed, tension headaches, decrease of libido, gastrointestinal issues like constipation, adult acne, weight gain or weight loss, muscle tension, anxious about things you can't control and losing your hair are indications that you may have stress.

There is no a perfect way to measure stress directly, but you can get an indication.

A way to measure stress is with medical equipments that measure muscle tension, heart rate, and even brain waves.

Another way to measure the amount of stress in your life is to examine the demanding events which have occurred to you recently.

The measurement of stress hormones such as cortisol can help identify bodily changes that are stressor specific, people at risk for development of stress-related disorders, and the efficacy of interventions aimed at stress reduction.

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