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How I should take care of my knee ligaments?



Dear Ed,

You may use equipment including weights, exercise bikes and treadmills to help make the muscles around your knee stronger.

The muscles around your knee are the calf, thigh, and ankle muscles. Making these muscles strong can help support your knee and protect your knee from more injury.

Warm up and stretch before exercising.

Keep your leg muscles strong by doing special exercises. Having strong calf, thigh and ankle muscles can help support your knee.

The major muscles on your calves are the soleus and the gastrocnemius muscles:


The following are pictures of calf, thigh and ankle muscles exercises:

Calf Exercises:

calf_exercises -calf_exercise

Thigh Exercises:



Ankle Exercise:



Wear knee brace for additional support during sports.

Wear shoes that fit correctly and support your feet.

Replace your running or exercise shoes before the padding or shock absorption is worn out. Shoe inserts can help support your heels, arches, or keep your foot lined up correctly in your shoes.

Exercise on even (flat) surfaces.

Stay at a normal weight.

There are four ligaments that help support the knee.

When ligaments are damaged, the knee joint becomes unstable.

A torn ligament severely limits knee movement.

A knee ligament tear may be treated with the following: muscle-strengthening exercises, protective knee brace (for use during exercise) and activity limitations.

It takes an extremely long time for ligament injuries to heal and doing very little can irritate it or damage it again all your life.

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