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Question: 9 months ago I delivered a 12 lb baby through c-section,
since then I have been experiencing numerous problems,
such as pain during sex that seems to come from the ovary area,
pain during ovulation that last for weeks and radiates into my legs,
I am also still very swollen in the stomach area and appear to be swollen in the genital region as well.

Is this normal or should I be concerned?


Answer: Dear Kim,

A C-section, also called a cesarean section, is the delivery of a baby through a surgical abdominal incision.

C-section complications and side effects are rare but they can include such things as infections, blood clots, abdominal adhesions and other complications.

Anytime you have surgery there is medication involved. In some cases reactions to medications or anesthesia can occur.

Adhesions can occur following c-sections. An Adhesion is the scar tissue that forms a connection between tissues or organs.

This connection can form between the uterus, fallopian tubes, bladder, intestines or other organs.
Adhesions can occur and cause no problems at all, however in some cases they can cause pain,
vomiting or even severe abdominal or pelvic pain and in some cases even bowel obstructions.

Treatment will depend on the seriousness and what types of problems the adhesions are causing.
If there is significant pain or obstruction you may need another surgery, however another surgery to remove the adhesions can cause even more adhesions making the situation worse.

While most women recover from both cesarean and vaginal births without complications,
it takes more time and special care to heal from cesarean section, which is a major surgery.

Although almost two-thirds of obstetricians in the US and in other countries say they would give careful consideration to a patient's request for elective cesarean section, only about fifteen percent of them would recommend it for themselves or their family members.

Oxytocin is administered at C-section (CS) to reduce blood loss. Serious side effects have been documented.

Oxytocin is a hormone used during the late stage of pregnancy to induce labor (contractions).
It is often used to induce labor in difficult pregnancies or pregnancies at risk for complications
One of its side effects is swelling,

Common side effects of a C-section often include abdominal pain and pain during sex


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