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I had bladder sling surgery in Oct. I now have painful intercourse and my spouse is rubbed by something in my vagina. I called the doctor and I have an appointment next week. He said the sling went through the vagina wall. What will happen and what will the doctor do to correct this ...surgery?




Dear Bre,

The sling procedure to preventing incontinence places support material directly under the urethra and attaches it up to the connective tissue (fascia) of the abdominal muscles.

The success rate of the sling is very good, but like most incontinence procedures, not perfect. Long-term success rates (after 5 years) are about 85%.

There are terrible experiences of bladder sling surgery.

It is difficult to find someone who really likes it.

During intercourse it is normal that your husband can feel the mesh sling.

Painful intercourse after monarch sling surgery is something normal.

A lot of people have a bladder sling installed with horrifying results.

It is usual to have operations to remove part of the sling.

Some Doctors recommends slings using pig tissue. They replace the mesh sling with bovine or pig skin . It is a softer material and does not cut trough.

As with all incontinence surgery it is important to let the sutures heal completely, which takes about 12 weeks. So, for three months you should not lift anything heavier than about 15 pounds.

The surgery starts with a small incision made in the vagina, just below the urethra. Small tunnels (about ½ inch wide) are then made in the connective tissue on either side of the urethra and into the space just behind the pubic bone.

The sling is placed under the urethra at this point, and the ends of the hammock are brought up to the connective tissue on top of the abdominal muscles and fastened.

There are a number of materials that can be used to make the sling. Some doctors prefer to use a synthetic, nylon-like material, while others choose fascia, the strong tissue that surrounds muscle, removed either from the patient or sterilized, irradiated fascia from a cadaver donor.

There are many variations of this operation and some doctors prefer to attach the supporting material to the ligaments near the pubic bone. The supporting material rests under the urethra like a firm hammock. When a cough or sneeze pushes the urethra down, it’s forced against the sling, and the urethra is closed off.

The sling procedure is often used for women who have had previous incontinence surgery that has failed because of excess scar tissue formation .It also recommended for women with a weakened urethral sphincter that does not close properly, especially when the urethra moves a lot with straining.

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