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Question (12/05/2012):

Title: Bile duct hamartomas and pancreas disease difficult to diagnose.

I have had upper left abdominal pain in two thousand eleven.

A ct-scan showed bile duct and pancreas enlarged but every time I have had a ct-scan or ultra-sound they say it not showing nothing.

The pain is severe and it causes chest pain and heaviness in chest it comes on about every two months or so.

I just had ct-scan and it showed bile duct hamartomas.

Will that cause all the pain amylase will get up to 164 but the lipase stays normal.



Dear Lora,

Thank you very much for your question.

Multiple biliary hamartomas (MBH) are a rare cause of multiple benign hepatic lesions.

MBH is asymptomatic and usually found incidentally, where it is important to differentiate from other causes of multiple liver lesions, particularly metastases.

Aside from the possible risk of malignant transformation, MBH is a benign asymptomatic condition with no long-term consequences and no treatment is required.

Elevated levels of amylase tend to point towards a possible disease of the pancreas.

Diseases of the pancreas can cause severe pain or no symptoms at all.

Pain is usually in the upper abdomen.

Because of its depth within your body, doctors often have difficulty diagnosing diseases of the pancreas.

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