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I received a letter from my doctor after getting a chest x-ray last week.

It says there is some volume loss in the right lung as well as prominence of the Hilum.

Is there a possibility of cancer?

I was diagnosed with Sarcoid so I'm wondering what this could be pertaining to.

I'm also in end stage of Cirrhosis and beginning of liver failure.

Could all of this have something to do with the volume loss in my right lung?

Any answers would be appreciated.

Thank You for your time



Dear Cheryl,

There are many diseases that can cause enlargement or prominence of the hilum.

In non-smoker people the majority of these are not cancer. This includes lymph node enlargement that can occur along with pneumonia.

Intrathoracic lymphadenopathy may cause a loss of volume of the right lung.

Sarcoidosis is a relatively rare autoimmune disease that can affect the skin, lungs, heart, brain and nervous system, eyes, and other organs.

Although the disease was first recognized about 100 years ago, little is known about what causes it and there is no cure.

Sarcoidosis is most often suspected when hilar adenopathy is incidentally detected on chest x-ray.

During the course of the disease, over 90% of patients with sarcoidosis manifest abnormalities on chest radiographs.

Destruction of lung parenchyma may lead to architectural distortion, hilar retraction, upper-lobe volume loss, broad and coarse septal bands, honeycomb change, and large bullae.

Upper lung volume loss is found in sarcoidosis.

In CT (computed tomographic) the presence of mediastinal or hilar lymphadenopathies and thickened bronchovascular bundles are landmarks for the diagnosis of pulmonary sarcoidosis.

Mediastinal lymphadenopathy can occur with sarcoidosis.

Lymphadenopathy is a frequent CT finding in primary biliary cirrhosis and that recognition can help prevent misdiagnosis of lymphoma or metastatic disease.

There is a high prevalence of lymphadenopathy in liver disease patients.

Lymphadenopathy is the disease of the lymph nodes.

A lymph node is a small ball-shaped organ of the immune system, distributed widely throughout the body.

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