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When it is necessary to use glasses to read?



Dear Ryan,

If your arms suddenly aren't long enough to read the paper, your may be developing presbyopia, an age-related vision problem.

You may need to consider single-vision reading glasses.

Presbyopia is an inevitable adjunct to aging, and is due to the natural stiffening of the lens in the eye, with the consequence that your eyes are prevented from focusing on close objects. While you still can see distant objects clearly, you cannot refocus on near objects.

The first thing that every nearsighted person should be told is that glasses are not a therapy, they do not cure their eyesight. They simply help to see well while you wear them. That is all they do. On the other hand, if glasses are used when they are not necessary, they can greatly worsen your eyesight.

If you can't read well without glasses, just keep the books a little closer, but not closer than necessary.

Remember that the enemy of the eyesight is the short distance. The harmful strain to the eyes comes from too much time spent at too close a distance. That's why glasses are harmful if used when they're not necessary: glasses make things closer to you.

Always remember that the less you use glasses or the less strong they are the better for your eyesight.

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