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I was shot in the stomach about 4 years ago.

My colon was also damaged therefore I had to wear a colon bag.

Since then I still get sharp pains in my left side.

I don't know if it is from the colon.

I did go for test eg swallowing cameras and did some scans as well and nothing was found.

So I left it, but I'm still getting the pains and some days it so bad I struggle to walk.

What could it be?

Thank you



Dear Ronel,

Post-surgical adhesions are bands of scar tissue connecting anatomic sites in the body that should not normally be connected.

These develop after almost every type of surgery and can cause severe symptoms.

There are specific features of a surgical procedure that help induce the formation of adhesions.

Abdominal adhesions may cause problems near sites of former surgery, inflammation, or trauma.

It is estimated that 55 - 94% of patients having abdominal or pelvic open surgery has chance to develop post-operative surgical adhesions

Abdominal adhesions are permanent unless the patient has a surgical procedure, called adhesion lysis.

Lysis (destruction or dissolution) of adhesions is a surgery performed to free adhesions from tissues.

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