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Question (08/10/2011):

Title: Breast cancer survivor and probability of cancer recurrence in other parts of the body .

As a five year survivor of breast cancer am i likely to contract a different cancer in other parts of my body or bones?

Lou Ann


Dear Lou Ann,

Breast cancer can recur in the breast or elsewhere in the body.

If it recurs at another place is most likely to recur in the lungs, liver, bones or lymph nodes.

Women in the following categories have a bigger risk factor for recurrence:

- If the original tumor was large, there is a greater risk

- Women who had their cancer involving the lymph nodes

- High histological grade - most of the abnormal cells are classified histologically. A higher rank indicates a higher risk of recurrence.

- Oncogenes are genes that promote abnormal cell growth, the cause of the tumor. If the original tumor has a high content of oncogene, the risk of recurrence is higher when a woman is being treated for breast cancer

Studies using immunohistochemical methods for detection of occult metastases have shown a higher recurrence and worse survival rates for women with infiltrating ductal carcinoma that became node-positive.

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