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Dear Doctor Thank you very much for your reply.

But I am still in the confusion whether I take the combination suggested to me and up to what level platelet counts will come down?

As according our findings Papaya is used to increase platelets.

With what dose of drug and how long should I administered to cure Dengue fever?

And simultaneously not affecting platelets?

I don't have history of Diabetes or any other health problem before.


Treatment of Dengue Fever:

-o- Fluids

-o- Rest

-o- Antipyretics (avoid aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)

-o- Monitor blood pressure, hematocrit, platelet count, level of consciousness

Papaya Juice vs. Dengue

-o- Raw papaya leaves, 2 pcs (pieces) just cleaned and pound and squeeze with filter cloth. You will only get one tablespoon per leaf. So, you take two tablespoon per serving once a day.

-o- Do not boil or cook or rinse with hot water, it will lose its strength. You should take only the leafy part and no stem or sap.

-o- It is very bitter and you have to swallow it like Won Low Kat. But it works.

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