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HI there I am studying a yoga teachers training course and as part of anatomy module have chosen to do my assignment on c-sections and the damage it does to the muscles and nerves of the lower abdomen (as I have experienced this myself) and would really appreciate any information you can give me.

I know there is damage; it is just not so easy to find proof online to reference it with. Any info or pointing in right direction would be great.

PS my assignment is due in 10 days so I do not have much time! Thanking you in advance



Dear Michele,

It is impossible to have any surgical procedure (including a c-section) without cutting into some nerves.

However, nerve injury after cesarean section is rare. In most cases, the nerves heal without any lasting effects.

When nerve injury after cesarean section does not heal, this is called nerve damage. It can be short-term or long-term, and symptoms include loss of feeling in the skin or difficulty controlling muscles.

In a caesarean section operation, there are various types of incisions in the abdominal wall that can be used.

These include vertical and transverse incisions, and there are variations in the specific ways the incisions can be undertaken.

The Joel-Cohen incision shows better outcomes than the Pfannenstiel incision in terms of less fever for women, less postoperative pain, less blood loss, shorter duration of surgery and shorter hospital stay.

Because nerves near the skin are so small, it is impossible to have a cesarean section and not cut them.

There is rarely any nerve injury after cesarean section, and nerves often heal along with the skin.

However, sometimes, nerves are cut and they do not heal. This is called nerve damage. In some cases, the nerve damage can affect a large part of the body; in other cases, it only affects a small area.

It might only last for a short time, or it might last the rest of the life.

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