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I have gastritis and hiatus hernia or hiatal hernia

I am taking Omeprazol y Aero Itan .

That was prescribed for my doctor.

I would appreciate if you can tell me what natural remedies I can take instead of the medication.



Dear Martina,

The following is a list of natural remedies

-Eat moderate portions.

-Eat at regular times.

-Relax while you eat.

-Maintain a healthy weight.

-Invest in 30 minutes a day in aerobic exercise - such as walking.

-Manage stress.

-Take Coconut water.

-Take Rice gruel.

-Drink Potato juice.

-Use the herb marigold.

-Undertake a fast for two of three days or more.

-Adopt an all-fruit diet for three days.

-Avoid alcohol, tobacco, spices, meat, sweet, strong tea/coffee.

-Use Yoghurt and cottage cheese.

-Embark upon a balanced diet consisting of seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables, and fruits.

-Avoid hard physical, mental work, worries.

For Hiatus Hernia take the following herbal extracts:

Slippery Elm

This mix should be taken three times daily at a dose rate of 20 drops per dose and Chamomile tea either hot or cold should be taken also at least three times daily to support the relaxation of the nervous system response involved in the reflux response.

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