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I am experiencing very bad dizziness and feel as though I have a short circuit in my body.

What is this from?

I have been to the ear specialist had an MRI scan and now trying a chiropractor but nothing is helping.

What is causing this?

Please help.

Many thanks.



Dear Shiralee,

Dizziness can be caused by many different diseases and varies from a mild unsteadiness to a severe whirling sensation known as vertigo.

Causes of dizziness are:

-Changes in Circulation

-Postural or Positional Dizziness

-Ear Infection


-Metabolic Disturbances and Allergies


-Perilymphatic Fistula

-Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease

-Acoustic Tumors (Acoustic Neuroma)

-Dandy's Syndrome

-Vascular Compression Syndrome

-Meniere's Disease

Treatment of dizziness due to changes in circulation consists of anti-dizziness medication, medications to stimulate the circulation (vasodilators) and, at times, mild sedation.

One with this type of dizziness should avoid drugs that constrict the blood vessels such as caffeine (coffee) and nicotine (tobacco). Emotional stress, anxiety and excessive fatigue should be avoided as much as possible.

Metabolic disturbances and allergies can produce dizziness.

The common metabolic disturbances result from decreased thyroid function, abnormal sugar tolerance and inhalant or food allergies.

Thyroid dysfunction is diagnosed by blood tests. Treatment consists of thyroid hormone. Abnormal
sugar tolerance is diagnosed by blood sugar studies (glucose tolerance test). Treatment consists of diet control, with or without drug therapy.

Allergies may be diagnosed by blood tests and skin tests with inhalants and foods. Treatment
consists of elimination of the offending agents when possible. If avoidance of these agents is
not possible, then extracts of the different substances may be administered by injection to stimulate an immunity.

Allergy treatment begins at home :

Effectiveness of Avoidance Measures

Allergen - Dust Mites

-Most Effective

Dust Covers
Weekly hot water washing of bedding
Carpet Removal
Keep rooms cool and dry
Possibly Effective
Chemical treatment of carpet

-Least Effective

Air duct cleaning
Special vacuum cleaners
Air filters

Allergen - Cockroaches

-Most Effective

Extermination with regular cleaning
Possibly Effective
Elimination of food and water sources

-Least Effective

Extermination without regular cleaning

Allergen - Cats

-Most Effective

Complete removal of cat
Possibly Effective
Move cat outdoors

-Least Effective

Air filters
Carpet cleaners
Cat washing

Avoidance is always the best treatment for allergies.

There are many easy cleaning methods that can significantly decrease allergies.

Controlling the air quality and climate of your home can bring you tremendous health benefits.

If you are going to keep a pet that is a source of allergies, there are measures that you can take to optimize your home environment.

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