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I had a caesarian about fifteen months ago.

Recently, when I go and use the restroom to pee and I go to clean there is a little bit of blood like if I am going to start my period, but its not time yet and I don't take any kind of birth control.

I keep cleaning and then its clear and it only happens when I pee.

But my urine is clear of blood .

Should I be concern or should I go see my doc?



Dear Maggie,

It may be an urinary tract infection, a bladder infection, a kidney infection or injury to the kidney.

You should go to see your doc.

A lot of people develop some serious and very unpleasant health problem after a caesarean section (cesarean section), or c-section .

There are several possible side effects of this type of delivery such as urinary stress incontinence, bowel incontinence, sexual dissatisfaction, experiencing some brownish discharge, and uterine prolepses (sagging of the uterus).

Soon after caesarean section some people start to experience problems while they urinate.

Urine samples will tell you if you have a kidney infection.

Bladder damage can occur during c-section. People with bladder problems who do not have bacteria in their urine or show negative test results for urinary tract infections, they might consider seeing an urologist - one who specializes in interstitial cystitis.

There are many women who claim that having a c-section, brings on IC and aggravates their bladder.

IC is frequently misdiagnosed or undetected in women. An urologist who specializes in IC or pelvic disorders can make a diagnosis and prescribe meds to alleviate bladder problems, give advice on a restricted diet or suggest pelvic exercises.

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