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Question: When you're pregnant can you sleep on your side ?. And when you're seeing plenty discharge is that normal ?



Some sleep positions are better than others while pregnant.

Sleeping position is very important. Start sleeping on your side early on in your pregnancy. Sleeping on your stomach or back is advised against, as it can be extremely uncomfortable for you and is not safe for your baby.

Medical professionals recommend that women sleep on their left side in order to allow maximum blood flow to the baby.
Your left side will avoid pressure on your liver, which is located on the right side of your body.

Lying on your left side helps keep the uterus off that large organ.

Lying on either side should do the trick and help take some pressure off your back.

Avoid sleeping or lying on your back; instead lie on your side and switch sides often.

Body Pillow helps you lie in the side sleeping position recommended for pregnant women.
Start getting used to sleeping on your side in the early stages of your pregnancy so that it almost becomes a habit, even in your sleep.

Leucorrhoea is strictly defined as an excessive normal vaginal discharge.
Normal vaginal secretion is dependent on the endogenous estrogen level. With the rising of the estrogen level, there is abundant secretary activity of the endocervical glands and the superficial vaginal epithelium becomes rich in glycogen. The glycogen loaded epithelium sheds.

The normal secretion is expected to increase in conditions when the estrogen levels become high. Such as,
pregnancy where there is hyperoestrinism with increased vascularity. This leads to increased vaginal transudation and cervical gland secretion.

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