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Question: My Dr. has been running a lot of tests on me and found that my potassium is low and my kidneys are inactive and my thyroid is inactive. What can cause this and what can happen to me? Wilma

Answer: Dear Wilma,

Your low levels of potassium are probably caused by your inactive kidney.

An underactive thyroid can happen because of the following:

- Abnormal production of thyroid hormone
- Congenital (present from birth)
- Presence of antithyroid antibodies (usually in people that suffer from diabetes, lupus, rheumathoid arthritis, hepatitis)

An underactive thryoid can produce the following symptoms:

- Fatigue
- Constipation
- Poor appetite
- Weight increase
- Depression
- Hair loss

This condition is usually treated wih hormone replacement therapies.

Kidney failure can also be caused by many reasons:

- Autoimmune disorders
- Over exposure to metals
- Blood disorders
- Infections
- Injury to the kidneys

People that suffer from kidney failure usually need to undergo dyalisis and treat the underlying cause.

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