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Question: My husband is not himself. He is in no pain, he said he feels like he is in a dream, while in the middle of doing something he forgets what he is doing, when he reads some thing he can't tell you what it said. This is not him he is very smart it has been going for about 2 weeks and every day worse. Renee

Answer: Dear Renee,

The symptoms you mention are similar to those of the first stages of Alzheimer's Disease. Common symptoms of this disease include:

- Mild forgetfulness
- Trouble remembering recent events, activities, names
- Misplacing items
- Personality changes
- Losing interest in activities that were previously enjoyed
- Difficulty learning new information or performing task that require some thought

In order to diagnose Alzheimer's, a doctor usually performs tests, physical exams and goes through family history.

Certain conditions sometimes contribute to Alzheimer's such as depression, anemia, thryoid disease, vitamin deficiency, brain tumor.

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