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Question: I have just had a test done and have been told that I have irritable bowel syndrome, beginning stages of a ulcer, gastritis and diverteculosis. I have never eaten anything spicy, I don't even use pepper in cooking. Is there a special diet I need to be on or doing? Thank you for your help, Judy

Answer: Dear Judy,

When suffering from IBS it is recommended to follow a diet low or free of fats, insoluble fiber, dairy, red meats, caffeine, carbonated drinks and alcohol.

Examples of foods high in fats are:

- Anything deep fried and battered
- Oils
- Margarine
- Spreads
- Salad dressings
- Mayonnaise
- Coconut and its derivatives
- Pastries, cookies
- Shortening
- Sauces

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