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Question: Around the side of my left foot and big toe nail is covered with fungus. It itches so badly that at times I scratch until it is sore, it even felt like something is crawling under the skin. Also I lost my nail as a result of that. I went to the doctor for it and he gave me some tablets to take for six weeks. It did clear up but came back after a while, the name of the tablet I can't remember, the only thing I can remember it started with g. Please recommend something for me that will work. Thanks in advance I await your reply. Beverley,

Answer: Dear Beverley,

When treating foot fungus it is important that you follow the treatment for 6 straigh weeks without missing a dose. It takes that long for your skin to grow and replace infected skin.

Foot fungus is usually treated with antifungal medications that can be found over the counter. If you've been taking an oral medication, it may be a good idea to also start applying an antifungal cream on the affected area.

Also, try to keep your feet always dry and wear shoes that will allow the foot to breath. It may take up to 6 months for a new nail to grow.

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