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Question: My daughter is 33 years old she is 5'6 and weights about 125 lbs. Her blood pressure is running about 90/40. What could be causing it to be so low. She has a husband and 3 chidren. What can she do for it? Could it be medicines that she takes for migraines or sleep aids such as ambien? Thank you, Wanda

Answer: Dear Wanda,

Low blood pressure levels are those lower than 90/60 mmHg. The following medications can cause blood pressure:

- Heart medicines
- Diuretics
- Narcotic analgesics

Low blood pressure can be a rare side effect of Ambien.

Certain conditions may also cause low blood pressure such as:

- Dehydration
- Diabetes
- Heart problems

In order to diagnose the exact cause it is necessary to visit a doctor a have a check up. If blood pressure is caused by a medication this may be resolved by changing the dose or switching medications.

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