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Question: I'm 22, had 2 bad cysts removed from my left ovary and then I had 3 abnormal pap tests. I went to a specialist that did a colposcopy and said he could definitely see the abnormal cells. After the test came back it was negative for dysplasia so the doctor looked again and said he could definitely see the cells again and that they had spread significantly (it was about 6 weeks between visits) and now is doing a surgery and will have the cells tested again. He tells me not to worry that it is cancer so my question is, what is it? Why do I have irregular pap tests and my doctor can see the cells but its not dysplasia? Shawna

Answer: Dear Shawna,

The results of your colposcopy should be able to diagnose the cause of the abnormal cells present in your cervix. Although cervical cancer is the first thing that may comes to mind, most of the time an abnormal pap smear indicates a minor problem with the cervix that may or may not need treatment.

Abnormal results are likely caused by an inflammation or infection.

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