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Question: I have a pain in my upper right back, a sharp burning pain, and have had it for months now, all I can think that might have caused it is I had slipped on a wet floor and hurt my back then. It feels as if there's a hot ice pic that sticks me in the back. It gets so bad at times that I have to sit down for the pain to ease up a little. Elsie

Answer: Dear Elsie,

There are two main type sof back pain, neuropathic and nociceptive. Neuropathic pain occurs when nerve tissue has been damaged and feels like a burning or stabbing pain. A common cause of neuropathic pain is a pinched nerve in the back.

Nociceptive pain occurs outside the nervous system and feels like a constant dull ache like arthritis pain.

Neuropathic pain is common in the back with symptoms such as burning, tingling and numbness. Drugs such as Aleve and Motrin can offer some pain relief.

In order to get an exact diagnosis for neuropathic pain, a doctor needs to perform a check-up and physical exam.

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