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Question: I have high ALT and AST enzymes in my blood. I need to know what are the causes of this elevation? I feel dizzy and faint sometimes. Is this related with the above matter? Can high AST and ALT lead to muscle pain? Salah

Answer: Dear Salah,

Normal levels for AST are from 5 to 40 and for ALT from 7 to 56. High levels of AST and ALT enzymes are, in some cases, indicators of liver damage (ie. Hepatitis).

Certain medications can also alter the levels of ALT and AST enzymes such as:

- Aspirin, ibuprofen
- Anti-seizure medication
- Certain antibiotics
- Cholesterol lowering drugs
- Anti-depressants
- Cardiovascular drugs

Elevated levels of liver enzymes do not usually create any symptoms.

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