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Question: I was in an accident and I am doing my own IC's every 4 hours, the last few times I have done them there has been some pain around my bladder area. Should I be worried about a infection? Also I have started leaking some urine now. That did not happen before because of bruised nerves, does any of this mean that I am starting to regain what was bruised. Please help I am a little worried. Thank you, Christina

Answer: Dear Christina,

The leak of urine is also known as urinary incontinence. Causes for this include:

- Urinary tract infection
- Side effects of certain medications
- Pregnancy
- Weight gain

Causes that may result in long term incontinence include:

- Spinal injuries
- Pelvic prolapse
- Nerve damage
- Bladder cancer

A urine test can confirm a urinary tract infection. Also, a doctor can diagnose other urinary tract problems by performing certain exams.

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