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Question: I do not sweat. I can stay outside, work in the yard and I will not sweat. What could be the cause? Brenda

Answer: Dear Brenda,

Depending on the temperature of where you are at a specific moment, the body might not have the need to sweat to cool-down. The human body works best when its temperature is about 98.6º Fahrenheit (37º Celsius). If you never sweat at all, it could be because the temperature outside is cool or not hot enough to make your body sweat. It can depend on where you live or what kind of activity you are doing.

However, an abnormal lack of sweat in response to heat may be harmful, because sweating allows heat to be released from the body. Decreased sweating is called Anhidrosis. If a substantial amount of heat fails to cause sweating then Anhidrosis may be present.

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