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Question: I quit smoking 2 years ago. Since then I work out 3 days a week doing cardio 30 min and strength 30 min. Will my lungs return to the normal pink stage. Does it heal ifself or not? I understand that after smoking for 30 years there is bound to be some damage. I guess I'm hoping for some good results. Just wanting to know what else I can do to make up for all those years of stupidity. June

Answer: Dear June,

The damage done to lungs from smoking is permanent, but not smoking anymore, working out and eating healthy will allow you to reduce the chances of suffering from any lung-related disease.

The more and longer a person smokes, the greater the health risk associated with smoking is. The sooner a person quits smoking the better.

It is usually recommended for people that quit smoking, to follow diets rich in antioxidants (found in foods or in nutritional supplements). The use of CoEnzyme Q10 can improve the use of oxygen at the cellular level and protect the heart against diseases.

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