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Question: My sister showed me a spot on the crown of her head towards the back that is flat and not really soft as a baby's "soft spot" but you can push it in and it creates a concave feel, her symptoms when this is done is dizziness and "uncomfortable internal" feeling and afterwards within a few minutes she feels pounding and pressure in head as if she were getting a headache. For several years she has been experiencing dizzy spells and lightheadedness with no known cause when mentioned to doctor. Marcie

Answer: Dear Marcie,

Lightheadedness and dizziness tend to happen when there is not enough blood getting to the brain. Examples are a drop in blood pressure and dehydration. When headaches are accompanied by a stiff neck, fever, convulsions, loss of conciousness or pain in the eye or ear, a doctor should be consulted.

Tests such as ECG, MRI, hearing tests and neuroligical tests may be necesary in order to better diagnose a problem.

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