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Question (04/11/2012):

Title: Intercourse | Blood from penis | Bladder surgery | Blood in urine

My husband 40 and I were having intercourse this morning and he thought I had started my period.

After church he realized the blood was from his penis.

He has super sensitive balls which cause him discomfort.

He also has had bladder surgery before due to inability to pee.

Took him to the emergency room today and there was traces of blood in his urine they sent him home with antibiotics but they didn't test for anything more serious.

I'm worried because he has always complained that after intercourse his penis burns.

Do you have any answers or advice?



Dear Cyn,

You may find helpful information at:

Blood in urine

Blood coming from the penis

After ejaculation, some amount of semen remains behind in the urethra.

Semen clots up after ejaculation, it then again breaks up within 5 minutes.

Urination before this will force out a clump of semen causing some injury to the urethra.

This causes a stinging/burning sensation, which appears slightly relieved by urination but again gets bad. The acidity of the urine further compounds this.

A sexually transmitted infection like chlamydia or gonorrhea, may also cause stinging/burning sensation.

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