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Question (04/01/2012):

Title: Instrument to check eye pressure at home.

Thank you so much for answering my query on Glaucoma.

I request to kindly inform me if any instrument to check eye pressure is available for domestic use at home, so that I can check my eye pressure at home daily to monitor the same.

What is that instrument called and availability stores details please?




Dear Nandagopal,

Peristat is a virtual perimetry system that allows self-testing on any standard computer monitor via Internet connection.

Peristat is a reliable self-test perimetry system that demonstrates high clinical utility for the detection of visual-field defects from glaucoma.

Peristat could be a valuable public health tool for cost-effective screening of glaucoma.

Registering with KeepYourSight is free and you can start testing right away at:


Icare Finland Oy is an advanced medical technology company based in Helsinki Finland, they claim that different clinical studies have concluded that their Icare ONE is reliable in the hands of normal subjects and may be used for self-monitoring of intra-ocular pressure (IOP).

You can see more information regarding this device at:


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