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Question (04/6/2011):

Feeding Your Kids.

My child is having a hard time in eating.

He is very slow, he can eat but really when interrupted or caught his attention of something, he stop and somewhat entering in to another world.

He does extra things which make him forgetting what he really does, eating.



Dear Floridel,

- Provide a wide variety of nutritious foods at regular two- to three-hour intervals (usually three meals and two or three snacks each day).

- Allow the child to be responsible for deciding how much of each food to eat and the order in which to eat them; the child may decide not to eat anything.

- When you serve a new food to a child, make sure it's accompanied by familiar foods. Encouraging or forcing children to eat more than they want reduces their ability to know when they are full,

- Serve fruit and vegetable finger foods rather than a mixed dish.

- Arrange food attractively on small plates.

- Avoid bribes, gimmicks, and games to get a child to eat. As soon as a child is finished eating, respect his wishes to stop.

- When children finish quickly or eat little or nothing, have them stay at the table for a few minutes and talk pleasantly about the day's activities and tomorrow's plans.

- Keep portions small.

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