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Each time, I feel movement-like or worm-like object in my eyes and if removed, it's usually worm-like substance.

What could be the cause and what do I do?



Dear Eucharia,

Eye floaters are a medical condition of the eyes.

As we age, the gel-like substance that surrounds our eyeballs tends to contract, shrink and pull away from the inner eyeball.

Because of this shrinking and pulling, these gel-like substances bunch up together and form different shapes

They may be shaped like a worm.

The perception of floaters is known as myodesopsia.

There are various causes for the appearance of floaters, of which the most common are :

*Vitreous syneresis

The most common cause of floaters is shrinkage of the vitreous humour: this gel-like substanceconsists of 99% water and 1% solid elements.

*Posterior vitreous detachments and retinal detachments

*Regression of the hyaloid artery

*Cystoid macular edema and asteroid hyalosis.

*Tear film debris

Normally, there is no treatment indicated. Vitrectomy may be successful in treating more severe cases, however, the procedure is typically not warranted in those with lesser symptoms due to the potential for complications.

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