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Hilar prominence

Does this condition cause severe pain in thoracic area?



Dear Willie,

Hilar prominence could suggest inflammation, sarcoidosis, infection, cancer, pulmonary hypertension, lymphoma or no indication of any disease.

An inflammatory process may stimulate nerves and cause pain.

Sarcoidosis can cause mild to intolerable pain.

Infection of the lung tissue (pneumonia) can cause chest pain.

A cancer that grows bigger or spreads can cause pain.

Pulmonary hypertension can produce chest pain.

When a lymphoma involves the lymphatic tissue of the thymus, the gland located in front of the heart, it may cause chest pain.

In a clinical case conference presented by Satyendra Gupta, MD; Tauseef Khan, MD; Larry W. Stephenson, MD; Denton Cooley, MD, FCCP and Jeff Schnader, MD, CM, FCCP; a patient who underwent a routine chest radiograph that showed marked left hilar prominence on September 10, 1998, was seen by a pulmonologist on October 6, 1998 for exertional dyspnea that was believed to be due to COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

The patient complained of increasing frequency of chest pain that was no longer related solely to exertion.

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