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Hi I am 47 and use anti depressants and have a problem with my ejaculation that takes too long.

My wife can't keep up with me wanting sex for 45 minute and more.

Is there something I can use or do that will help us with the problem?




Dear Andre,

If you can you should stop taking antidepressants.

There are a variety of causes for retarded ejaculation, both physical and psychological.

The physical reasons range from alcohol and illegal drug use, to medication, including tranquilizers and anti-depressants.

High blood pressure can also be a contributing factor leading to retarded ejaculation.

Psychological forces include performance anxiety, depression and fear of pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease.

A good way to tell whether your problem is psychological or psychological is to compare how long it takes you to ejaculate during sex and how long during masturbation. If you have trouble ejaculating during masturbation, it is a physical problem. If it is only during sex, there is a good chance that it is psychological.

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